The only island that can fascinate you with its characteristic turquoise waters, rich vegetation, white beaches and picturesque villages which seem like climbing on the mountain, is the island of Lefkada. This beautiful and idyllic island belongs to the Archipelagos of Eptanisa, between the islands of Corfu and Kefalonia. The island is spread in a 295 square kilometer area and it is the 4th largest island in the Ionian Sea with a coastline of 117 km. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that Lefkada is the only island that can be reached by road and that is why it is also known as the “mainland island”.
Do not miss to visit the dream beaches of Kathisma, Egkremnoi and Porto Katsiki, which all have been awarded Blue Flags and their reputation is known worldwide. The island of Lefkada offers also 2 out of the 10 best beaches in the world to go surfing, the beaches of Ponti in Vasiliki and Ai Gianni in the town of Lefkada. There you can also go sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing. Besides the dream beaches, you can also visit archeological sites and museums. One thing that not many people are aware of, are the water falls of Dimosari, a few kilometers out of Nydri village, offering a unique experience to its visitors as it is one of the most remarkable attractions of natural beauty on the island of Lefkada. The magic element of the island is that one can enjoy the sunsets from every place.
Fun on the island never stops. On the island of Lefkada you will find numerous restaurants with traditional delights and delicious appetizers, beautiful cafés and quiet bars with breathtaking view.
0 Access: The island is 370 km away from Athens and 400 km away from Thessaloniki through the Egnatia Road. By plane, the International Airport of Aktio is only 18 km away from Lefkada.

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